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For the world of private labels, we make fresh pasta, deep-frozen sauces and deep-frozen traditional Italian first courses with customized product recipes, and much more.


The right partner


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The right partner

Thanks to the experience of our operators and our state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure flexible production, products guaranteed by the most important certifications, production systems that respect the environment, and widespread distribution networks. The team in our R&D department is able to develop customized recipes. Finally, our IQF deep-freezing technique (Individual Quick Frozen) guarantees green-label products.

Combinations of pasta, rice and sauces

We can produce the product as it is, without any condiments, or pair it with deep-frozen sauces in convenient pellets. This applies to all our formats of fresh pasta and quick-cook pasta and rice, thanks to our innovative pre-cooking technique.


Even the packaging is fully customizable, with microwaveable sachets, single and multi-portion trays, cardboard casing and aluminium trays, or other industrial formats.


Our entire production meets food safety rules, and all our employees follow HACCP self-monitoring plans. Our Integrated Management System complies with the most important voluntary certifications. Every raw material is purchased from qualified suppliers, and some products even have organic farming certifications and religious food certifications, such as Halal and Kosher.


We produce top-quality deep-frozen fresh pasta, prioritizing the safety of our employees, sustainable production and investments that help the local area. For customers that, like us, are committed to guaranteeing high-quality, sustainable products, we provide detailed, certified information about our operations.

The advantages of deep-frozen fresh pasta

  • 01

    Easy to use

  • 02

    Zero waste

  • 03

    Excellent performance

  • 04

    Wide range of products

  • 05

    Seasonal products all year round

  • 06

    Fixed cost per portion

  • 07

    Consistent quality

  • 08

    Clean Label

  • Easy to use

    Can be cooked in just a few simple steps direct from frozen, ideal for all Food service professionals.

  • Zero waste

    Easy to portion and a long shelf life.

  • Excellent performance

    For every product, the performance is consistent.

  • Wide range of products

    Brands and products for every need.

  • Seasonal products all year round

    We process the finest ingredients at the right moment, so we are not dependent on seasons.

  • Fixed cost per portion

    Our products are not affected by market fluctuations.

  • Consistent quality

    Controls throughout the production chain and certifications guarantee the quality of all our products.

  • Clean Label

    Our products contain no preservatives, additives or colourants. Deep-freezing is the only preserving agent we use.

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For the world of private labels, we make fresh pasta, deep-frozen sauces and deep-frozen traditional Italian first courses with customized product recipes, and much more.


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