Surgital continues to grow, positive revenue and financial statement in 2023

Massimiliano Bacchini: “We put our trust in the market and today’s result confirms our strategy.

Surgital, the leading Italian producer of frozen fresh pasta, frozen ready meals and frozen sauces in pellets closes the 2023 consolidated financial statement with a positive result, recording an increase of +15% compared to the previous year.


The Group’s production value is €123,300,000 (55% Italy and 45% abroad); the net profit for the financial year is 11.8 million, with Ebitda at 21.5 million – equal to 18% of the revenue that between 2021 and 2023 saw an increase of more than 50%.

Exports also recorded a growth of 16% compare to the previous year, confirming the success of the international expansion of the company based in Emilia Romagna.


Massimiliano Bacchini, Member of the BoD and Sales Director for Surgital commented:

We have put our trust in the market over the last few year through planned investments and a long-term strategic vision. Today’s results which mark an unprecedented global performance, confirm and consolidate our presence in our main target markets, food service in particular, which accounts for 75% of our business. This solidity allows us to continue our growth policy both on an R&D and structural level.

The ongoing evolution of the international food consumption market has certainly helped us achieve and exceed the financial goals that we set ourselves. Food trends are also changing as evidenced by plant-based products. Consequently, we are investing heavily in research. In the three-year period 2021-2023 alone, we invested over 5 million euros and about 73 thousand working hours in R&D, Innovation and Design activities”.


Sustainability has emerged as a key pillar in the framework of our current industrial plan (2023-2025). An investment of over 20 million euros has been earmarked for the modernisation of the plants and buildings at the Lavezzola facility, with the goal of boosting production capacity in an eco-sustainable manner. Particular focus is aimed at optimising energy efficiency and reducing consumption through the installation of a new propulsor for the co-generation plant with a power output of 4.6 MW/hour, representing a significant step towards more sustainable production.

This progress will enable the control and optimisation of electric energy consumption, steam and hot water based on company requirements, thus reducing the environmental impact. A key component of this evolution is the introduction of machine learning software, a pioneering approach that will optimise the control and calibration of all the energy and thermal drivers, further contributing to the sustainability of the entire production process.


At the same time, the company has completed the installation of a new photovoltaic system within the company grounds which will reach a maximum power production of 2.4MW/hour. The company has set itself the ambitious goal of achieving energy self-sufficiency at the Lavezzola facility, thus demonstrating a concrete commitment towards reducing its environmental impact and showing how the application of innovative technology can make a significant contribution to the achievement of goals in terms of sustainability and improvement in operating performance.


Surgital’s commitment to sustainability is not limited to the environment, but also extends to social responsibility, as evidenced by the company’s welfare plan, which includes health and wellness services, pension funds, refunds for education and assisting the elderly, travel, shopping and fuel vouchers. Surgital distributed over 290,000 euros in company welfare to its employees in 2023 through the use of a platform that promotes circular economy, involving businesses in the local area, thus contributing to the improvement of employees’ wellness and the sustainable growth of the local community.


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