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For 40 years we have been producing deep-frozen fresh pasta for catering, horeca, food service, industry, large retailers and retail. In order to create products suitable for all needs, our professionals combine modern technology with experience. Discover all the Surgital brands and the quality of our products. Be inspired by the finest Italian traditions.

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Food Service

For the world of food service and haute cuisine, we offer deep-frozen fresh pasta, deep-frozen single-serve ready meals, deep-frozen sauces in pellets and quick-cook pasta and rice, created according to the rules of the finest Italian traditions.

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Divine Creazioni®

Pastificio Bacchini®

Private Label

For large brands that want to create their own line of deep-frozen ready meals and fresh pasta, we design and produce customized recipes, and also offer strategic and operational consultations. Discover the best products for your needs.

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The finest traditional pasta dough

Our deep-frozen fresh pasta is made from great pasta dough, elastic and strong, produced with the best ingredients in a warm, humid environment under the supervision of our master pasta-makers. For our dough, we use durum wheat semolina processed in the best Italian mills, and barn eggs.

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Ingredients selected and processed by us

The goodness of our fresh pasta, sauces and ready meals is guaranteed by the quality of the ingredients. We purchase whole ingredients, fresh or deep-frozen, processed directly at our facilities to create sauces and meat, fish, cheese and vegetable fillings. Our fillings are soft and creamy, rich in raw materials in whole pieces.

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Deep-freezing: long-life freshness

In the industrial deep-freezing process, the uniform crystallization of the water molecules contained in our products allows us to keep the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the food intact, without the addition of preservatives or additives. Thanks to innovative IQF technology (Individual Quick Frozen),our pasta is deep-frozen very quickly, with parameters and methods specially designed for each product type.

Technology that learns from human movement

The quality of all Surgital® products is guaranteed by our selection of the ingredients and our state-of-the-art production facilities, which operate under the careful supervision of expert professionals. From the shape of the moulds to the temperature and humidity of the environments, every step of the production chain faithfully reproduces the traditional movements of the artisanal, handmade product.

The advantages of deep-frozen fresh pasta

  • 01

    Easy to use

  • 02

    Zero waste

  • 03

    Excellent performance

  • 04

    Wide range of products

  • 05

    Seasonal products all year round

  • 06

    Fixed cost per portion

  • 07

    Consistent quality

  • 08

    Clean Label

  • Easy to use

    Can be cooked in just a few simple steps direct from frozen, ideal for all Food service professionals.

  • Zero waste

    Easy to portion and a long shelf life.

  • Excellent performance

    For every product, the performance is consistent.

  • Wide range of products

    Brands and products for every need.

  • Seasonal products all year round

    We process the finest ingredients at the right moment, so we are not dependent on seasons.

  • Fixed cost per portion

    Our products are not affected by market fluctuations.

  • Consistent quality

    Controls throughout the production chain and certifications guarantee the quality of all our products.

  • Clean Label

    Our products contain no preservatives, additives or colourants. Deep-freezing is the only preserving agent we use.


Do you want operational advice on our products? Any advice on recipes?
Do you need customized and packaged products for your needs?
Contact us, we have a team of consultants at your disposal.

Surgital i nostri brand background

Enter our Pasta Academy

De Gusto® is the place where our recipes and products are born, where customers, suppliers and collaborators come to see who we are and how we work to create and offer the finest Made in Italy fresh pasta.


Divine Creazioni®



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