Surgital: a symbol of Emilia-Romagna’s excellence

Emilia-Romagna has always stood out not only for its rich culinary tradition but also its excellence in the agrifood and mechanical industries, with which it shares a strong connection.

The region’s industrial districts are famous for their ability to masterfully combine craftsmanship and innovation, creating fertile ground for the development of advanced applied technologies, even in the food industry.
In this context, Surgital stands out as a quintessential example of how a company can uphold traditional craftsmanship while simultaneously embracing innovation.

Our company history represents a dynamic balance: on one hand, continuously evolving production processes, adopting the most recent technological innovations; and on the other, a product firmly rooted in its heritage, preserving its original attributes of quality and authenticity.
Our dynamic approach not only aligns with current trends but also enriches and reinforces the distinctive qualities rendering our product so unique.

Behind an apparently simple product and process, lies remarkable complexity and commitment.


Innovation Rooted in Tradition

Since 2000, Surgital has embraced a philosophy of continuous experimentation and innovation, constantly strengthening its commitment to technological progress and stimulation of the local economy. This pioneering spirit is demonstrated by the decision to use carbon dioxide as a refrigerant, an innovative choice that has helped overcome the limitations of using ammonia, and environmental concerns regarding freon. Guided by Edoardo Bacchini, this solution, inspired by a plant in England and initially unheard of in Italy, was successfully developed through collaboration with technical experts. The result? An industrial refrigeration system boasting a capacity of up to 1200 kW and temperatures as low as -40°C, exceeding all expectations.


An Impact Beyond Borders

Every step forward has consolidated our role as a frontrunner in innovation, from the installation of solar panels and cogeneration systems that improve energy efficiency to the construction of automated cold rooms that revolutionise logistics. Surgital’s dedication to sustainable practices has reached new heights through the installation of transcritical CO2 plants, including one of Italy’s largest, and the continual enhancement of our infrastructure to substantially mitigate CO2 emissions. This exemplifies an enduring commitment not only to process and product refinement but also to environmental stewardship.


Partnerships and training: cornerstones of progress

We recognise that true technological progress cannot occur in isolation.
Hence, our vision encompasses strengthening local ties and promoting shared growth that benefits the entire region and Made in Italy sector.
This commitment is also evident in our support
for education and vocational training, as demonstrated by our contribution to developing the Mechatronics degree course at the University of Bologna. A course of study that offers in-depth practical and theoretical training, providing students with solid up-to-date knowledge and advanced skills for modern industry.

Through these initiatives, our aim is not only to narrow the skills gap but also equip younger generations for an employment market that demands ever more sophisticated abilities, thereby helping to develop new talent in Emilia-Romagna. We want this region to continue to excel and prosper, supported by its renowned expertise in the agrifood and mechanical industries, and by companies like ours.

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