A team journey towards conscious energy efficiency

Just like when creating a perfect pasta dish, every ingredient must be carefully chosen, precisely measured, and combined at the right moment; at Surgital, we have always selected the most suitable technologies, measured energy interventions, and coordinated innovations to optimize our production.


In this journey, each phase of energy improvement represents a step in the recipe. Each stage contributes to the final result, just as each ingredient and each step in the preparation contributes to the perfection of the dish.

Elena Balbi’s vision and passion for innovation and process sustainability clearly convey how, with the right combination of ingredients (technologies, innovations, and people), one can create not only a high-quality product, but also an efficient, sustainable production system in harmony with the environment.

‘I have been here for 29 years and, although I have an economic background, I have always had a great passion for machines and technology. We were just a handful of people when I joined Surgital. Today, we are more than 350. I remember with great fondness and gratitude how Romana Tamburini, our President, and Edoardo Bacchini, our CEO, introduced me right from the start to the heart of the company’s production, explaining the operation of every machine and process. That experience was fundamental for me because it allowed me to fully learn and understand every detail of what makes Surgital what it is today.’

Since 2008, as a production company already with high energy and steam consumption, we took the first major step towards energy efficiency with the idea, proposed by the Bacchini family, of installing a cogeneration plant. The strategic choice aimed to simultaneously produce electrical and thermal energy, hot and cold water, thus starting a path towards the company’s energy self-sufficiency and reducing operating costs.

‘Relying on a turnkey project or directly manage the reins of the project? This was the crossroads we faced. Our CEO opted for the second option. Certainly more demanding, this choice imposed and allowed us direct and thorough control over all aspects of the project. I, Massimiliano Gadoni, responsible for cold and cogeneration plants, together with Mr Bacchini, closely followed every phase, from the idea to development and finally to implementation. The attention to detail and commitment to monitoring every variable of the process translated into tangible benefits not only in terms of energy efficiency, but also in the quality of the final product. The steam produced by the plant also proved to be qualitatively better and therefore satisfactory for food safety. It was evident how the precise, punctual, and careful control of the people in the production processes allowed us to also obtain a superior quality product.’

The construction of the new storage cell was a new opportunity to review the energy strategy: producing the necessary electricity internally rather than purchasing it. The answer was a second cogeneration plant with turbines, dedicated to the modulable generation of steam for both production processes and cooling the cell engines. Since 2014, our energy system has included two plants for energy and steam, in addition to the production of hot and cold water, making us self-sufficient for over 80% of our energy needs.

In 2022, Surgital significantly revamped its energy system by replacing the first cogeneration engine, which had already generated over 256 million kWh, with a smaller but more efficient one. The installation of the new engine, completed in just two months, seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure, minimizing production interruptions and demonstrating the versatility and resilience of the entire system we had composed. The upgrade involved the introduction of a machine learning software, Trigenia, aimed at optimizing the management and calibration of all energy and thermal drivers. In this phase, like in the previous ones, the training of the involved personnel was a crucial step in the overall upgrade plan.

‘My historic and eclectic role allowed me to immerse myself in every aspect of the company, from management control to finance, to energy aspects, making my work incredibly rewarding. Over the years, with Edoardo, we have dedicated a lot of time to making and remaking calculations to refine processes and reduce waste. Even today, with the introduction of systems that automate part of our work, we cannot resist the temptation to verify the calculations manually, to ensure that everything is as it should be.’

The near future sees us engaged on two fronts.

‘We are working on the installation of a new photovoltaic plant: in addition to the existing megawatt, we will add 2.5 megawatts, which will cover part of our energy consumption on weekends. We will complete the installation by summer.
At the same time, we are investing in adopting the principles of Industry 5.0, focusing on detailed analysis of energy consumption to optimize efficiency.
From macro to micro.
A challenge that promises to be demanding, but we are now a consolidated and experienced team.
We are ready.’

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