Training and territory: Surgital’s circular ecosystem

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At the core of these three claims lies Surgital’s commitment to creating value, emphasizing the fundamental role of people as custodians and promoters of traditions, Italianity, and innovation.

Recognizing the importance of human resources, over time we have been able to establish solid collaborations with the educational world through targeted initiatives in the territory such as Programs for Core Skills and Orientation and curricular internships, involving upper secondary schools particularly with hospitality schools, such as the prestigious Istituto Alberghiero Statale ‘Pellegrino Artusi’ in Riolo Terme, and prominent universities including the University of Bologna, Ferrara, Verona, and the Bocconi University in Milan. Over the past year, we have intensified these activities, with over 2000 hours of internships in the company, consolidating a constructive exchange with the academic sector, enriched by participation in seminars, lectures, visits, and joint projects.

Although the scope and complexity of the initiatives described may seem the result of a long journey, surprisingly, they have been implemented in a relatively short time frame, which started just 5 years ago, coinciding with the establishment of the Human Resources office.

Before that, the company did not have an organized structure for HR management, nor a formal system for the development of employees’ skills.

The training program has embraced a holistic approach, moving from technical to relational work management, laying the groundwork for continuous exchange with the employees.
A key initiative in this regard has been the establishment of a weekly ‘help desk’ within the production area dedicated to collecting staff needs and questions.
The goal was to bridge the gap between management and operations, facilitating the assimilation of new company policies, including reward systems, welfare, contractual integrations, and performance evaluation.
Indeed, the entire company is evaluated through a sophisticated KPI system for each department, allowing for the establishment of incentives, contractual increases and promotions, as well as the identification of training needs.

Training has thus become an integral part of the path of professional and personal growth, supporting employees in a comprehensive evolution. The implementation of the performance evaluation system and the definition of career paths have made training a crucial tool to support professional development and maximize motivation.

This approach has elevated training to a fundamental element in the cycle of personal growth and development within the company, generating a climate of positive anticipation among the employees, who annually prepare to embrace new opportunities and the proposed evolutionary steps.

‘My arrival in 2019 coincided with the significant challenges brought by the health crisis,’ said Federica Pelliconi, our HR Manager. ‘I found myself in a context that was distant from the hubs of large metropolises and outside the most efficient connection networks, in an unprecedented historical moment. Obstacles that together we have transformed into a unique opportunity: to renew our commitment to weaving and strengthening relationships with the surrounding territory to increase the company’s visibility.

The adopted strategy has seen us actively engaged with the local educational system, starting from schools. Initially through some teaching, and later, school-work alternation programs: the company began to integrate students into offices and departments, emphasizing the importance of their contribution and helping them develop meaningful projects during their internships. This commitment is now well established, with creative initiatives involving many institutions.

Attention then shifted towards the university world, with the establishment of advertisements for internships which further expanded Surgital’s network of contacts. An approach that has led to tangible results: we have gained previously very limited visibility, transforming ourselves into a local point of reference. Today, students and professors themselves are the ones looking for us, recognizing us as an important point of reference in various fields, from quality management to logistics, from safety to the cold chain. The interaction with universities has become an enriching cultural exchange appreciated at all levels that has also stimulated general interest in the company.

The greatest satisfaction for the HR team comes from observing the professional progress of the employees, a tangible result of effective training, designed to look to the future of the individuals, the company, and the team itself.’

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