Trends in the Foodservice Sector: Prospects for 2024

The foodservice sector is constantly evolving, led by changes in consumer tastes, dietary preferences and lifestyles.

In the context of these dynamics, the deep-frozen fresh pasta market continues to emerge as an increasingly popular choice at an international level. In this article, we will explore the key trends shaping the landscape of the foodservice sector, and forecast the prospects for 2024.

Globalisation of Taste

One of the most obvious trends is the growing globalisation of taste. Consumers all over the world are becoming more and more open to experimenting with flavours and dishes from different cultures. This trend is reflected in the demand for a wider variety of fresh pasta, with formats and sauces inspired by international cuisine. Companies in the sector need to innovate and adapt, creating products that will satisfy the demand for authentic culinary experiences from all over the world.


Sustainability and Wellbeing

Environmental awareness is leading consumers to make more sustainable choices, and this is also reflected in their dietary preferences. Consumers are becoming increasingly attentive to the ecological footprint of the food they eat, pushing the sector to focus on sustainable production and packaging practices. Thanks to its natural preservation, deep-frozen fresh pasta offers a convenient, sustainable option that is gaining popularity with conscious consumers.


At the same time, growing attention to health and wellbeing has led to demand for deep-frozen fresh pasta with high-quality ingredients, low in fat, with minimal additives. Surgital has always responded to this demand with products that offer the best of both worlds: exceptional taste and attention to your health.


Technology and Innovation

Technology is revolutionising the way the foodservice sector operates. From automating production processes to digitalising delivery services, companies are embracing technology to improve efficiency and offer a better user experience. For deep-frozen fresh pasta, this translates into more efficient production processes, while still guaranteeing the quality and freshness of the product.

Prospects for 2024

Looking to the future, we predict further developments and changes in the foodservice and deep-frozen fresh pasta sectors. The personalisation of food options could become increasingly important, with consumers looking for tailor-made products to meet specific dietary requirements.

Furthermore, the growing acceptance of blockchain technology could be used to trace the origins of ingredients, guaranteeing more transparency and trust in the production process.

In a dynamic context such as foodservice and the production of deep-frozen fresh pasta, Surgital finds itself in a privileged position to capitalise on emerging market trends. Our constant dedication to excellent quality, innovation and sensitivity to consumer needs has allowed us to successfully adapt to the changing dynamics of the sector.

To face the challenges and seize the opportunities of the future, it is essential for Surgital to maintain a strategic focus on sustainability, guaranteeing that every phase of the production chain reflects the environmental values that are increasingly important to consumers. Furthermore, investment in digitalisation and the search for innovative ingredients will help keep Surgital in step with the expectations of modern customers.

Looking to 2024, we predict that our commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation will put us in a strong position on the global market for foodservice and deep-frozen fresh pasta. We will continue to take advantage of our experience to anticipate market trends and provide cutting-edge culinary solutions that satisfy the ever-changing tastes of our consumers.

Surgital remains committed to being a reliable partner for restaurateurs looking for excellence in deep-frozen fresh pasta, and we put our trust in a future of success and prosperity in the international catering sector.

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