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Romagna in every city in the world: our commercial catering project

In the heart of the city beats the heart of Romagna, formed by tradition, quality, customer care and sharing.

Once upon a time, in Romagna, there was a farmhouse where the flavours, perfumes and hospitality of the lady of the house, the “azdora”, welcomed you like nobody else.

This, and much more, was the “Ca’” in Romagna. It is in the wake of this “institution” that Ca’ Pelletti was created: a warm, cozy inn where you can enjoy the flavours and the warmth of Romagna at any time of day.

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Cuisine that is good for the body and the soul

Romagna’s cuisine has ancient roots: poor, but rich in flavour, it developed around the recipes created by the old taverns. Ca’ Pelletti is inspired by those atmospheres and those flavours: its dishes, the fruit of constant research, celebrate the good food of Romagna, and are available to enjoy any day, any time.

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Tradition always within reach

In the exclusive corner shop it is possible to buy all the restaurant’s first courses, taking the tradition of fresh pasta home with you.

Thanks to the take-away service, those who are in a hurry can take home the indulgent flavours of Romagna for their table. Finally, with delivery services, it is possible to receive a box full of tasty traditional specialities at home.

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A corner of Romagna in the cities of Italy

Ca’ Pelletti is present in various Italian cities: Bologna, Milan, Padua and Florence. In our inns it is always possible to find a welcoming, cozy corner of Romagna. Seven days a week, every day of the year.


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