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Technology that learns from human movement

We have taught
our machines
our hand movements

The origin of our success is in having transferred the skilled actions of pasta-makers into highly technological production plants.

Thanks to the quality of the raw materials and our collaboration with chefs, master pasta-makers, biologists and production technicians, we guarantee safety and consistent quality in all our production lines, preserving the artisanal characteristics of fresh pasta in all our products.

We use only ingredients selected and processed with care

The deliciousness of our ready meals and our deep-frozen fresh pasta is guaranteed by the ingredients we choose: whole ingredients, fresh or deep-frozen, processed directly at our facilities to create dough, sauces, and meat, fish, cheese and vegetable fillings.

To produce our dough, we use only durum wheat semolina processed in the best Italian mills, and at least five fresh pasteurized eggs for every kilo of durum wheat semolina. This way we can guarantee the cookability that is essential for the use of fresh pasta in large-scale catering.

Our technology is inspired by human movements

Our deep-frozen fresh pasta is made from great pasta dough, elastic and strong, produced in a warm, humid environment under the supervision of our master pasta-makers. Our professionals combine modern technology with experience and manage the production of different types of recipes and fresh pasta, adjusting it even for external weather conditions.

We deep-freeze for long-life freshness

We have always chosen cold as our only ally in preserving product quality. Thanks to innovative IQF technology (Individual Quick Frozen), we can deep-freeze our pasta in a very short space of time, using cooling tunnels, with individual parameters and methods for each product type.

During the industrial deep-freezing process, the water molecules contained in the products are uniformly crystallized, keeping the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the food intact, without adding preservatives, additives or colourants.

Certified excellence

Our entire production facility meets food safety rules: a commitment that involves all our employees and respects the self-monitoring plans HACCP method. Our Integrated Management System complies with the most important voluntary certifications regarding corporate organization (ISO9001), respect for the environment (ISO14001), social responsibility (SA 8000) and BRC and IFS food safety international standards.

Each raw material is purchased from qualified suppliers, while certain products also have organic farming certification and religious food certifications, such as Halal and Kosher.

R&D, where the fresh pasta of the future is born

The Surgital Research & Development centre is the place where chemical and bacteriological analyses are carried out on the quality of incoming raw materials and the final product.

Chefs and biologists work together, in a space dedicated to the quality of deep-frozen fresh pasta and the search for new dishes and recipes in line with consumer trends and the needs of modern professional catering.


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