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There are places that mean something special. Places connected to our happiest memories, places that describe who we are, places where we grew up and became adults.


Ours is in Lavezzola, in via Bastia 16.

Here, 175 tonnes of fresh pasta, 90,000 ready meals and 30 tonnes of sauces from the best of Italian tradition are made every day. Here, we shape our mission, uniting the wisdom of our artisan roots with large-scale production. Here, we work together with over 350 people, sharing the same values in a facility designed and certified in accordance with the highest standards of safety and environmental sustainability.

Here stands our great laboratory. And we can’t wait to welcome you!

From 1980 to today, we have come a long way, but we are still hungry for more.

Outside Italy, we have conquered over 60 countries around the world with our products. Every year we play a central role in the most important trade fairs in the sector, to take the best of Italian culinary culture and our “Made of Italy” everywhere.
With a logbook that is getting more and more full…

Over 250 events in 2023

5 resident chefs in the De Gusto® Team and different collaborators at every stage

We like to watch the world from the heart of Romagna.
Partly because the view is unique!

Lavezzola is the place where everything began and the place where we want to stay. Every landscape, flavour and fragrance reflects our ways of life and doing business.

When we think about our employees, we start from the beginning!

We like to take care of people, not only professionally, but also from a human perspective. This is why we have created a code of ethics based on fundamental principles.
Don’t have time to read it all now? Here is a taste:

We invest in upgrading and developing skills

We respect the ethical principles applicable to work activities

We protect workplace health and safety thanks to cutting-edge systems and technologies

We work hard to create a healthy, stimulating work environment

We are attentive to the needs and suggestions of every employee

We promote a culture of gender equality

So much more than a workplace.

As you will have understood by now. We produce fresh pasta with love and passion and process prized ingredients, but people are our most precious raw material. We truly believe in doing everything we can to make you feel at ease at all times, allowing you to best express your potential and your talent.
How? Thanks to a series of initiatives and services designed for your wellbeing and development.


We guarantee working conditions that respect individual dignity, in safe, healthy environments, with respect for regulations on the protection of health and safety.

Health and wellbeing

We protect all employees with a health policy that covers screening check ups, specialist appointments, dental treatment, physiotherapy, childbirth and much more.


We have launched a welfare system that is completely tax-deductible and focused on local businesses, with a wide range of services that can be customised based on the needs of each employee.


We invest in skills and talent. In 2022, the Funded Training Plan involved 79 employees in 920 hours of training, as well as webinar courses and team-building initiatives.

Gender equality

We promote a company culture based on inclusion, respect and gender equality. This means guaranteeing equal dignity and economic and regulatory treatment based on working conditions.


Through the HR office, we have a weekly help desk to provide counselling and advice for our collaborators.

We have introduced ourselves, now it's your turn!

Are you hungry for career goals? The moment has arrived to feed your ambitions. Send your CV and show us what you’re made of.

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