“Disobedience has a unique taste”

A surprising, transgressive menu which showcases Surgital’s rebellious and creative streak, a company that has been breaking with convention since it was founded, by freezing fresh pasta to take it the best kitchens around the world

The partnership between Identità Golose and Surgital’s Divine Creazioni® premium brand continues. The company will be taking part in the prestigious annual congress for chefs and professionals from the HORECA world (Milan, 9-11 March) with a unique menu in keeping with the theme of this 19th edition: “There is no innovation without disobedience: Revolution today”. Four unconventional recipes made with pasta filled with ingredients, usually used as condiments or main courses, will be showcased on our stand entitled ““Disobedience has a unique taste”.

“A provocation and an ode to creativity because as the organisers of this event have stated, ‘innovation is successful disobedience’ – explains Carlo Tampieri, Divine Creazioni® brand manager. We want to showcase the versatility of a range that stimulates the senses, not just taste, with this menu. We want to show an alternative use of pasta compared to tradition”.

We start with a carpaccio of Scrigni® filled with “Squacquerone di Romagna DOP” cheese and tricolor chard served with a tomato gel, rocket pesto, piadina crumble and sausage-scented cream. The pasta is cooked, frozen with the tomato and then, thinly sliced like a carpaccio to be served cold. The Scrigni® filled with “Squacquerone di Romagna DOP” cheese and tricolour chard have a special significance in the collaboration with Identità Golose, because they were the official pasta of the Milan hub up until last year, before being included in the food service commercial catalogue.

Another ‘disobedient’ recipe will be the one featuring Scrigni® Carbonara with coffee mousse and crisp pork jowl, an irreverent and unexpected combination given the explosion of sensations bursting from every bite. Coffee powder is used to create a sort of trompe l’oeil that tempts the eyes before the palate. The menu also includes Bauletti® with Barolo DOCG slow braised beef “Orient Express”, teriyaki sauce, toasted sesame, sesame oil, chilli and candied ginger. These Bauletti® are the epitome of disobedience, where the slow braised beef, usually eaten as a main course, becomes a filling. A transgression also underscored by the fusion-style preparation with which the pasta is cooked gyoza-style on the griddle with soy sauce and sesame. The dessert, obviously, also breaks with convention: a semifreddo made with Decana Pears featuring Scrigni® cacio e pepe, coconut biscuit and cacio sauce in the centre – a dessert that is disobedience incarnate where the filled pasta itself becomes the filling.

“Surgital has been disobedient from the very start when the founders decided to break with tradition, forty years ago, and freeze fresh pasta. A gamble that paid off, the result of considerable intuition and knowledge of the subject that has always strived for excellence – concludes Tampieri. This slightly rebellious streak is epitomised by the ever-evolving Divine Creazioni® brand inviting chefs to create true innovation in fine dining”.

The collaboration between Divine Creazioni® and Identità Golose is a long-standing partnership which began fourteen years ago: in the Milanese hub, the dishes alternate on the lunch menu according to the season, and at dinner when a guest chef is not present, offering his signature dishes. The Divine, known as “pasta like no other”, are mini masterpieces: every piece is different from the next giving them an artisan feel before being arranged on special trays in which each item is packaged individually. In the stuffed products, the filling represents over 60% of the total and is made with top quality raw materials. The durum wheat semolina pasta ground in selected Italian mills is made with 8 free-range eggs per kilo, a higher number than the classic recipe. Divine Creazioni® wants to satisfy, amaze and innovate, and stand out for the constant search for flavours, shapes, textures and aromas which, being enhanced in refined and often unexpected combinations, create a sense of exclusivity and refinement.

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