Advanced technology at the service of the ecological transition

It is with motivation and conviction that Surgital embraces Goal 9 of the UN 2030 Agenda, promoting the development of resilient infrastructure, inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, and innovation.

A goal that strives not only to improve the quality of life through advanced access to technology, but which also supports economic progress.

Our commitment is manifested through the adoption of advanced technologies like the cogeneration system and solar panels, which improve our energy efficiency and minimise our environmental impact. Our investment in research and development, especially mechatronics and pasta production technologies, align our company with the global push for innovation.

Having recognised the importance of collaboration for progress, we have always actively promoted strategic partnerships, also in accordance with Goal 17. By working with universities and promoting apprenticeships, we not only support professional training but also enhance scientific research and innovation. Actions that reflect a deep commitment to sustainable and responsible growth, proving that innovation, for us, means shared progress and continuous improvement while respecting the environment.

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