De Gusto®

Enter our Pasta Academy

De Gusto® is the place where our recipes and products are born, where customers, suppliers and collaborators come to see who we are and how we work to create and offer the finest Made in Italy fresh pasta.

The place where our ideas are born

De Gusto® is an open workshop where we invite customers, suppliers and collaborators to see how we work, actively involving them in an exchange of experiences and skills.

Indeed, Surgital has its roots in the heritage of traditional Italian food, but is always ready to innovate and grow through the analysis of new culinary trends, and improve production performance without sacrificing the excellence of our products.

Tradition welcomes technology, art meets science

Our De Gusto® creative workshop hosts events and prominent figures, and organizes training programmes on fresh pasta and traditional Italian food, aimed at diverse target groups. Our goal is to experiment with new recipes, new technologies and cooking techniques, new ingredients and pairings, in order to offer our customers innovative recipes.

Our research and experimentation is carried out daily by resident chefs, along with other collaborators, including technicians, biologists and product testers.

We spread Italian culture around the world

Thanks to De Gusto®, our chefs can spread their knowledge around the world, with an approach that goes beyond demonstration and show-cooking. Promoting and representing Made of Italy doesn’t only mean preparing a product as well as possible, but also explaining its characteristics.

Every fresh pasta product tells a story of Italy, every recipe the traditions of a region. The products from each brand encapsulate the actions and skills that we believe it is vital to preserve, protect and bring to kitchens all over the world.

From fresh pasta workshop to company workshop

Today, Surgital is an international company, open to the world, but with De Gusto®, we are trying to recreate what took place in our first fresh pasta workshop: we welcome all initiatives, all experience, recognizing the fundamental, irreplaceable value of every expertise. From this encounter between past and future, between traditional skills and innovative technologies, comes the unique experience that we offer every day to our collaborators and visitors.

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