De Gusto®

Sapori in corso, episode #9: save energy!
With Chef Thomas Turchi

Laboratorio Tortellini®

Sapori in corso, episode #9: Kitchen…to save energy!

Is it possible to aim for energy saving without saving on the quality of your dishes? Team De Gusto chef Thomas Turchi will tell you some simple tricks to achieve this goal thanks to the practicality and speed of preparation of Surgital’ products.

Divine Creazioni®

Sapori in corso, episodio #8: A Divine Christmas

The flavour of tradition and a taste for surprises make Christmas a magical time. Inspired by the craftsmanship in pasta making and the pleasure for unexpected combinations, we have enclosed the same ingredients in Divine Creazioni® products. Guided by Fabio Lorenzoni, Chef Coordinator of the De Gusto® Team, let's discover together how to give your customers an unforgettable holiday menu.
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