Who we are

The great artisanal pasta lab.

Fresh pasta as tradition demands and expertly deep-frozen. Italian family traditions and values handed down with pride. Here is the quality recipe that we at Surgital put at the service of the foodservice and retail industry.


The three P's of quality fast catering - Pasta, Passion, Perfection.

Fresh pasta, deep-frozen ready meals and a passion for traditional Italian recipes: here is our Surgital product offering for HO RE CA catering professionals.

Vision & Mission

Deep-freeze to preserve and innovate.

We combine traditional Italian cuisine with innovative deep-freezing technologies to offer quality deep-frozen fresh pasta, ready meals and sauces, all without preservatives but with the flavours of yesteryear.



How can you prepare a special menu for the holidays, with new, unusual and sophisticated flavours, but also cut down on the time and work in the kitchen? It’s simple: by choosing the perfect secret ingredient, the sauces and creams from the Sugosi® line by Surgital.

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Tasty new products

Surgital provides only the best, but if there is any room to make things better, it goes all out.


Welcome to the pasta academy.

De Gusto® is much more than a school or a kitchen!


We are pasta makers, we are entrepreneurs, and we are a family. Dal 1980.

Our dream began in 1980 with a small pasta shop that has now become the great laboratory of fresh pasta. Then as now, we try to bring to all the kitchens in the world not just our pasta but also the beauty, warmth, passion and tradition that characterise our country, Italy. Because at Surgital we are made of pasta, but also of Italy. SURGITAL. MADE OF ITALY SINCE 1980

Where we are

Headquarter and plant:
Surgital Spa
Via Bastia 16/1 48017 Lavezzola (RA)
Emilia-Romagna ITALIA

Surgital France sarl
62-64 Cours Albert Thomas
69008 Lyon - France

Surgital America Inc.
350 Fifth Avenue 41st Floor
New York, NY 10118 USA
Customer service:
5301 Beethoven Street, Suite 170
Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA


Tel: 054580328
Fax: 054580121
E-mail surgital@surgital.it