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Linguine with vegetable, peas and lentils with vegetable tagliatelle and vegan balls in red and yellow plum tomato sauce



Ingredients for 4 people

600 g linguine with vegetable, peas and lentils
100 g carrots
100 g courgettes
20 g extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste

For the vegan balls:
200 g stale bread
100 g soy milk
100 g boiled and mashed potatoes
Chopped aromatic herbs to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste.
Salt, white pepper, to taste

For the red and yellow plum tomato sauce:
1 small onion
200 g red plum tomato pulp
200 g yellow plum tomato pulp
2 fresh basil leaves
Extra virgin olive oil to taste.
Salt, white pepper, to taste

Pea shoots or basil leaves


Soften the stale bread in the soy milk.
Squeeze out and blend with the aromatic herbs, salt and pepper, then add the mashed potato.
If necessary, add some breadcrumbs to the batter to get the right consistency, and form into little balls.
Brown in oil and keep warm.
Brown the finely chopped onion in a little oil and divide it into two small saucepans.
Pour the red plum tomato pulp into one, and the yellow plum tomato pulp into the other, with a little salt, pepper and basil leaves. Cook for a few minutes.
Clean and cut the vegetables into noodles.
Cook them in a non-stick pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, adding a little cooking water or vegetable stock.
Immerse the frozen linguine with vegetable, peas and lentils in salted boiling water, leave for around 30 seconds, taking care to break up the nests, then drain and stir in the pan with the vegetables.
Arrange the linguine into nests and place them on the plates. Lay the vegan balls in the centre, and top with the red and yellow plum tomato sauce. Decorate with pea shoots or basil leaves.


This recipe can be used as a main dish option. To prepare the balls, you can use leftover bread, but you can also use other ingredients such as chickpea, vegetable or pulse flour. Once they have been prepared, they can be kept for some time and served when needed.


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