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The best deep-frozen fresh pasta from Italian tradition in over 140 formats.

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Preparation instructions

The best deep-frozen fresh pasta from Italian tradition

Laboratorio Tortellini® is the first Surgital® brand for the world of deep-frozen fresh pasta. Thanks to over 40 years of research and development, the Laboratorio Tortellini® catalogue offers over 140 recipes.

A tour through the flavours of Italy, starting in Romagna and traversing the Bel Paese, made from quality ingredients that respect tradition, guaranteed by deep-freezing through innovative IQF technology.

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Dough and fillings

Our Laboratorio Tortellini® dough is perfect: to make it more elastic and resistant to cooking, we use durum wheat semolina processed in the best Italian mills, and at least five fresh pasteurized barn eggs for every kilo of flour. For the fillings, we visit the production areas personally to choose our raw materials.

We process them internally to obtain fillings with the desired consistency, in which you can clearly distinguish the ingredients. We do not use semi-finished products and we have no need to add preservatives – our only ally is the cold.

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The first Surgital® brand, with over 140 different formats coming from almost every region of the Bel Paese, Laboratorio Tortellini® was created to fulfill the creativity and needs of every restaurateur.

From tortellini bolognesi to agnolotti piemontesi, via strozzapreti riminesi, orecchiette pugliesi and potato gnocchi, Laboratorio Tortellini® is an authentic tour of local flavours and aromas.

Laboratorio Tortellini formati diversi


All Laboratorio Tortellini® products are packaged in boxes with a ribbon label that seals the product and clearly presents all the most important information: cooking times and methods, ingredients and an image of the product.

Inside the box, the products are protected by Surgipack® packets, convenient sachets with an exclusive, practical resealable opening that simplifies your work and keeps the pasta’s fragrance intact.

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Preparation instructions

To allow anyone to use Laboratorio Tortellini® products at their best, we have created a tutorial that illustrates the steps for perfect cooking.

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From quick preparation to gourmet flavour options: speak with our team to try our Laboratorio Tortellini® products and find a solution for all your needs.

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De Gusto® is the place where our recipes and products are born, where customers, suppliers and collaborators come to see who we are and how we work to create and offer the finest Made in Italy fresh pasta.


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