Ready-made traditional Italian sauces, deep-frozen in pellets.

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Sauces in pellets®


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Sauces in pellets®

Sauces and creams prepared with natural, high-quality raw materials, cooked following the same recipes as a handmade sauce, and immediately deep-frozen.

Sugosi® is our line of ready-made sauces, deep-frozen in pellets. 15 recipes to discover, offered in 2 lines: I Grandi Classici and I Prestigiosi.

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Raw materials

We process excellent raw materials internally, selecting the best batches, controlling the right level of ripeness and ageing for the ingredients. If we can’t buy fresh raw ingredients, we choose deep-frozen ones, which give us the guarantee of authenticity and freedom from preservatives.

With Sugosi®, you save precious time, without long preparation processes, optimizing all the phases of menu preparation.

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With our “Grandi Classici” we offer the best-known, most-loved recipes from Italian cuisine, while our “Prestigiosi” are a line of top-class sauces, prepared with the finest ingredients. When we cook, we respect the same rules as a handmade sauce, and we deep-freeze our products immediately after cooking, so we can guarantee the best possible organoleptic properties.
In our sauces we use no preservatives, no aromas, and certainly no colourants.

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Every box of Sugosi® sauces contains 6 packs, each weighing 500 g. This allows you to manage more different recipes at the same time without losing space in your freezer/chiller.

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Preparation instructions

To allow anyone to use Sugosi® products at their best, we have created a tutorial that illustrates the steps for the preparation of traditional first courses, tasty main courses and quick snacks.

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Abstract: From quick preparation to gourmet flavour options: speak with our experts to try our Sugosi® products and find a solution for all your needs.

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