Laboratorio Tortellini®: Three Fish Restylings for Your Summer

In the world of catering, innovation is the key to captivating and satisfying the most discerning palates. It is in this spirit that Surgital S.p.A., inspired by tradition and driven by a love for Emilia-Romagna’s enogastronomy, presents three Laboratorio Tortellini® restylings that promise to amaze and delight food enthusiasts: C35 – Citrus perfumed raviolacci with sea bass, C26 – Tortelli with crab and lobster, and C49 – Tortelli with fish filling.

Respecting tradition, Surgital embraces innovation without losing sight of its fundamental values. As our motto states, doing business means opening up to the world and embracing the new, never forgetting the good rules of artisanal fresh pasta. In this light, Laboratorio Tortellini® has reworked three iconic stuffed pasta recipes, giving them a contemporary and refined touch.

The C35 – Citrus perfumed raviolacci with sea bass represents excellence in taste and freshness. The new recipe, enriched with 66% sea bass in the filling, offers a unique sensory experience where the delicate flavor of the fish harmoniously blends with the scent of citrus. Thanks to the direct cooking of the sea bass with potatoes, the hint of potato is light and almost imperceptible, allowing the authentic taste of the fish to shine in all its natural goodness.

Moving on to the C26 – Tortelli with crab and lobster, we embark on a journey of intense and enveloping flavors. Surgital has increased the percentage of Argentine shrimp in the filling, removing dairy to accommodate all diets. The result is a soft and succulent filling, where the fibrous texture of the fish harmoniously marries the delicacy of fresh pasta. A taste experience that will conquer even the most demanding palates.

Finally, the C49 – Tortelli with fish filling. Thanks to the addition of fish broth to the recipe, the filling gains a creaminess and enveloping taste that captivates the senses. The authentic taste of the sea reverberates in every bite, offering an unforgettable experience.

In conclusion, Surgital’s new proposals for fish stuffed pasta from Laboratorio Tortellini® revolutionize classic recipes with high-quality ingredients and refined culinary techniques.

Surgital continues to amaze and delight food service professionals, offering them the opportunity to provide their customers with unique and unforgettable gastronomic experiences. All that remains is to try these authentic delicacies and be transported on a journey of flavors to discover the sea.

Buon appetito!

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