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Piglet fillet wrapped in guanciale with vegetables, truffle sauce and smoked oil



Ingredients for 4 people

Piglet fillet and vegetables:
1 piglet fillet
20 slices of aged guanciale approx.
1 medium carrot
1 medium courgette
1 spring onion
4 small bell peppers in various colours
2 small potatoes cut in half
50 g fresh French beans
Extra virgin olive oil, salt to taste

Truffle sauce and oil:
200 g Sugosi® Truffle Sauce
Extra virgin olive oil to taste.
Liquid smoke

Cooking juices from the meat


Clean the vegetables, cut them into large chunks and steam them, or,
in the case of the peppers, roast them. Clean the piglet fillet and wrap it
in the guanciale, and then in cling film. Leave to rest for at least an hour
in the fridge so the guanciale sticks well to the fillet.
Remove film; brown lightly in a frying pan and then finish cooking in the oven, taking care to leave the meat pink in the centre.
Add a few drops of liquid smoke to a good extra virgin olive oil; alternatively, pour the oil into a container, diffuse some smoke inside with a smoker and hermetically close it for a few minutes. In the meantime, heat the Sugosi® Truffle Sauce well in a pan.
Finally, cut the fillet into medallions, lay it on the plates with the vegetables, pour over the sauce and garnish with the smoked oil and a few drops of meat juices. Decorate with aromatic herbs.


Sugosi® Truffle Sauce is an excellent condiment also for main courses, to use as a plating sauce or to serve directly on meat and different types of fish.


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