Fiordiprimi®: The New Frontier of Fast Flavor

The Fiordiprimi® brand introduces two irresistible new proposals. “Z372 – Mezzi Paccheri with Cuttlefish Sauce” offers a gourmet experience ready in just 5 minutes, thanks to the convenience of the microwave. At the same time, “Z373 – Rigatoni with Datterini Tomatoes, Leccino Olives, and Capers” represents Fiordiprimi®’s first veg-style reference, enriching the menu with a delicious, uncompromising option. Surgital S.p.A. continues to amaze, bringing innovation directly to the tables of food service professionals.

Discover the dedicated flyer for Z372 – Mezzi Paccheri with cuttlefish sauce and Z373 – Rigatoni with Datterini Tomatoes, Leccino Olives, and Capers.


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