We have chosen a model of sustainable growth in order to be a resource for the environment, people and the region

Our commitment grows year after year

Our commitment to the environment, people, institutions and the territory is documented in a dossier that recounts our ambitions and goals achieved till now.

Our shared principles are the starting point

Our company is an Italian family business that prioritizes the safety of our employees, sustainable production, and investments that help the local area and charitable initiatives. Our commitment is confirmed by a code of ethics that defines our principles and application methods. By exporting our fresh pasta around the world, we spread the culture and values of a healthy company, with our products, facilities and procedures all certified in quality.

Our energy for the environment

In order to preserve the land, we base our growth on energy efficiency. We generate all the energy we need through three innovative plants for the production of clean energy: a 1,000 kw/h photovoltaic system, a quadrigeneration plant fuelled by methane with an electrical output of 6,000 kw/h, and a 600 kw/h power plant with three oil-free turbines.

We use internal purifiers and reduce our water consumption thanks to a reverse osmosis system that reuses wastewater to cool the plant.

Employees and stakeholders are the centre of our world

Ensuring the safety and trust of the people who work with us has always been one of our priorities. Our success also depends on the engagement of all our stakeholders: shareholders, employees and contractors, suppliers, customers and consumers, trade unions and public authorities.

In line with this belief, since 2011 we have been embedding principles of health and safety at work within our integrated management system, as required by the international Social Accountability 8000 standard.

Stabilimento Surgital di Spinazzola

Territory and culture: we take initiative

We were born in Lavezzola in Emilia-Romagna, our place of origin, but also of our future. Hospitality, sharing and promoting traditional Italian food and wine are the values that have made our success possible. This is why we help areas that are less rich and fortunate than ours through charitable initiatives, collaborating with the Food Bank Foundation and various NGOs.

We have always sponsored numerous local and national festivals in Italy to preserve the richness of our regional culture, and we support sports initiatives aimed at educating young people about a healthy lifestyle. In collaboration with universities, we train young talent in the agri-food industry. We organize competitions and training events aimed at hotel school students and chefs.

Enter our Pasta Academy

De Gusto® is the place where our recipes and products are born, where customers, suppliers and collaborators come to see who we are and how we work to create and offer the finest Made in Italy fresh pasta.


Divine Creazioni®



“Disobedience has a unique taste”

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