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Italian artisanal fresh pasta for the American market.

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The best traditional Italian artisanal pasta


Dough and fillings





The best traditional Italian artisanal pasta

Pastificio Bacchini® offers real fresh pasta made in Italy, with Italian ingredients, for the best American restaurants. Pastificio Bacchini® loves to experiment, and brings to America the combination of tradition and innovation that has become our hallmark.

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Dough and fillings

All our ingredients are of Italian origin. Our dough is made with fresh eggs and durum wheat semolina. The vegetables in our fillings are selected directly in the fields, and processed in our workshops. We also personally monitor the ageing of the finest traditional Italian cheeses, such as ricotta, Gorgonzola DOP and Parmigiano Reggiano DOP.

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Pastificio Bacchini® offers the best of Italian fresh pasta: small pasta, long pasta, filled pasta, gnocchi and oven-baked pasta. Our dough is elastic and compact, just like homemade dough. Our production environment with just the right level of warmth and humidity and the supervision of our master pasta-makers is a guarantee of consistent quality.

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All products are packaged in boxes with a ribbon label that seals the product and clearly presents all the most important information: cooking times and methods, ingredients and an image of the product.

Inside the box, the products are protected by Surgipack® packets, convenient sachets with an exclusive, practical resealable opening that simplifies your work and keeps the pasta’s fragrance intact.

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From quick preparation to gourmet flavour options: speak with our experts to try our Pastificio Bacchini® products and find a solution for all your needs.

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Enter our Pasta Academy

De Gusto® is the place where our recipes and products are born, where customers, suppliers and collaborators come to see who we are and how we work to create and offer the finest Made in Italy fresh pasta.


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