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We have been talking to you about food for forty years. It is our life, our pride and joy. Through the long history of our company, we have understood the deep significance of how sitting down at the table is one of the most meaningful moments of all of our lives.

Going to a restaurant, sharing a delicious meal, enjoying the beauty of an evening spent with company, is such a tangible sign of being viscerally Made of Italy.

This is why we want to open up our world of pasta-makers today by describing beautiful Italy as if we were sitting together at the table, in the company of many passionate professionals, food photographers, wine producers, interior designers, food and wine critics, chefs, food bloggers, journalists and many more, who, by profession (and out of passion), live with us in this wonderful world of food and catering.

Every interview will describe a new landscape. So, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy every dish!

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