Snack Allegri®

Our line of deep-frozen snacks for bars.

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Small snacks with great quality


Product range

Small snacks with great quality

Tasty deep-frozen snacks such as canapés, piadine, hamburgers or appetizers, ready in just a few minutes and designed for bartenders who want to offer practical, quick food in their bar.

Snack Allegri® are perfect for happy hours, but also breaktimes and lunch breaks. From the legendary piadina romagnola to grilled beef hamburgers, there are many different, original options.

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Product range

Snack Allegri® includes a wide range of products, from the legendary piadina romagnola, to canapés, to grilled beef hamburgers.

The practical cooking methods allow every bar to offer fast, delicious appetizers and snacks for happy hours, breaktimes and lunch breaks.

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From quick preparation to gourmet flavour options: speak with our experts to try our Snack Allegri® products and find a solution for all your needs.

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