Panzerotti with cep mushrooms

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Panzerotti con funghi porcini in vegetable ramen broth



Ingredients for 4 people

400 g Panzerotti con funghi porcini

0.5 l vegetable broth

5 g soy sauce

50 g carrots

50 g courgettes

50 g celery

2 vitelotte potatoes

40 g spinach sprouts

100 g fresh asparagus

toasted sesame, chives to taste

2 fresh eggs


Clean all vegetables and use cuttings and leftovers to make a vegetable broth seasoned with soy sauce. Julienne the fleshiest part of carrots, celery and courgettes (as for the latter, only the green part), and blanch them in boiling water for a few seconds. Cut 8 vitelotte potato slices and blanch them as you did for vegetables. Use raw baby spinach sprouts. Boil eggs for 13 minutes in boiling water. Thereafter, cool in water and ice, then peel, being careful not to damage the outer part of the egg white. Cut eggs in half.

Cook the Panzerotti con funghi porcini in salted water and keep warm. Meanwhile, cut asparagus with the potato peeler and place in iced water to make them coagulate. Boil the remaining asparagus in water so that it absorbs the vegetable flavour.

When this liquid is cold, add soy lecithin and turn into a mousse with the help of an immersion blender. Arrange the blanched julienned vegetables at the bottom of a soup dish, evenly distribute Panzerotti con funghi porcini and spread baby spinach. Add the half egg and two vitelotte potato slices on each plate. Sprinkle with toasted sesame, pour boiling broth and decorate with asparagus carpaccio seasoned with oil and salt. Top asparagus with a spoonful of mousse and chives.

Carlo Bresciani advanced training chef – fic.


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