T3002_Mantecato di ricotta di bufala allo zafferano, ganache al fondente, estratto di lamponi e ribes, pan di spugna alla menta
Salsa allo zafferano linea Sugosi® Surgital
Code T3002

Buffalo ricotta cheese with saffron, fondant ganache, raspberry and currant extract, mint sponge cake



Ingredients for 4 people

For the buffalo ricotta cheese with saffron:
200g fresh buffalo ricotta cheese
30g of icing sugar
100g of Saffron sauce Sugosi® “I Prestigiosi”
Lime zest to taste

For the fondant ganache:
50g fresh cream
50g quality dark chocolate

For the raspberry and currant extract:
30g fresh raspberries
30g redcurrants
Icing sugar to taste

For the mint sponge cake:
3 eggs with light yolk
50g EVO oil
50g chickpea flour
10g ’00’ flour
20ml sparkling water
50g fresh mint
A few fresh spinach leaves

For the decoration:
Berries to taste
Gold flakes
Caster sugar to taste


Melt the Sugosi® Saffron Sauce, leave to cool if necessary, then whisk in a bowl with the ricotta, sugar and the scent of lime zest.
Lightly heat the fresh cream in a saucepan.
Remove from the heat, add the chocolate and melt, then pour into small moulds or use a pastry bag when serving.
Blend the berries with the sugar.
Strain through a fine sieve.
Blend together all the ingredients for the mint sponge cake. Strain through a fine sieve and pour into a siphon with gas charges.
Leave to rest in the fridge, then pour into suitable containers and bake in the microwave.
When cooked, cool them upside down.
Serve the ricotta quenelles on individual plates, finish with the berries, mint sponge cake, a few drops of extract and gold flakes.

For a better result and to make the ricotta cheese quenelle fluffier, pour all the ingredients into a planetary mixer and whip with a whisk.


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