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Tortellacci toscani with anchovy coulis, bread and butter



Ingredients for 4 people

400 g Tortellacci toscani

500 g fresh liquid cream

3 tablespoons Cetara anchovy coulis

200 g Cilento buffalo ricotta

white pepper to taste

fresh parsley to taste

baguette crumbs to taste


To prepare cream butter, put the planetary bowl in the refrigerator at least half an hour before using it, then pour refrigerator-cold cream in the colder bowl.

Operate the planetary, start whipping cream and, when whipped, continue beating the mixture until fatty contents will be completely separated from liquids and the cream, which has by now turned into butter, is yellowish. This operation will require approximately 20 minutes. When fatty contents, namely butter, will fully stick to the whips, turn off the planetary, remove mixture and transfer it to a colander placed inside a bowl, then, using a spatula, remove all buttermilk that formed during processing. Place the mixture ball in the freezer for at least 1 hour before using it. To prepare the buffalo ricotta juice, sieve ricotta, then add cream to it and blend the mixture with a spoon. When the lumps are formed, sieve the mixture, and, without using any ladle, stir it until the liquid part is obtained from ricotta. Cook Tortellacci toscani and drain them when “al dente”, whisk them with melted cream butter, Cetara anchovy coulis and a touch of white pepper.

To serve Tortellacci, place a tablespoon of ricotta juice on the bottom of the plate, then, place Tortellacci on the cream, sprinkling atop with a few cream drops. Finally, sprinkle crumbs made with a garlic baguette, oil, hot pepper and parsley and decorate with a leaf of fresh parsley.

Tommaso de Rosa advanced training chef – fic.


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