A secret ingredient for an Italian-style aperitivo

The bar sector has changed drastically in the last ten years. Understanding market trends is fundamental if you want to remain competitive and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Every country has different traditions when it comes to these social meeting places, but just like in the traditional restaurant sector, we can see new cultural contamination taking place, and Italian traditions are among the most influential.

The underdog of Italian food culture is without a doubt the aperitivo. Often taken for granted, it is one of the first rituals that people miss when they travel abroad, and one of the habits most appreciated and picked up by foreign tourists.

A time of day that has become a tradition. An iconic Spritz, a glass of wine, and lots of tasty finger food. Crisps and nuts are no longer enough; consumers expect more from this moment of socialising, and are willing to pay accordingly.

Every day, between 6 and 9pm, bars and restaurants overflow. There are those looking for some relaxation with friends, and those who want to entertain themselves before dinner. In some cases, aperitivo becomes the focal event of the evening, transforming into an “apericena” (aperi-dinner). This is a trend that started in the Mediterranean – in Spain, with their tapas – and has reached as far as Manhattan and Tokyo, creating a new way to eat out. Full of variety, shared food, and socialising.

This is why a diversified offer of finger food, tapas and nibbles is fundamental to welcome clients and give them an excuse not to leave.

In many trends that involve drinking, there is a part that involves eating. Or better, the relationship between drink and food. We have given it the label #gastrodrink. This is the flag that in some way unites the dining room and the kitchen, the bar and the restaurant.”bargiornale.it

Offering solutions for the entire HoReCa world, Surgital® hasn’t forgotten the bar sector, creating food-pairing projects that aim to support operators in this new way of approaching the market. Effective, multi-purpose, quick solutions that are perfect for guaranteeing a high-level result, even in small, unequipped kitchens.

Products that don’t require specialised staff and keep food cost under control, while offering high quality that justifies putting up your prices.

There are many ways to think about sauce, but Sugosi® is just how you would want it: high quality, unbeatable service content, and a huge range of uses. This is a culinary aid that will become your secret ingredient in preparing delicious finger food and other recipes for your aperitivo offer, all while allowing you to save time and reduce your food cost.

A crispy slice of toasted Tuscan bread with a few nuggets of your favourite Sugosi®. You can add the signature touch yourself, letting your creativity loose with garnishes and pairings.

Would you like to offer a more sophisticated food-pairing solution?

Sugosi® offers a line of 15 sauces to choose from, in two ranges: Grandi Classici and Prestigiosi. Get inspired by the ideas of our Team Chef De Gusto®, and download our recipe book. Then tag us on social media @Surgital_spa to share your creations with us.

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