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Citrus perfumed raviolacci with sea bass with borage and turnip broth with wild fennel fragrance, anchovies from the Gulf of Taranto and stracciatella cheese from Murgia Laertina with bread crusts and broad bean purée and cherry tomatoes



Ingredients for 4 people

400 g Citrus perfumed raviolacci with sea bass

200 g borage

400 g turnip tops

200 g broad beans

1 onion

100 cl EVO oil

2 bay leaf

100 g cherry tomatoes

200 g potatoes

20 g grated mandarins

200 g stracciatella

100 g anchovies

100 g fennel

150 g toasted bread


Soak the broad beans the day before. Drain the broad beans, put the potatoes and coarsely chopped onion in a pot, add the broad beans, water and oil, a bay leaf and a few cherry tomatoes. Cook over low heat until the broad beans are puréed, whisk and set aside in a warm place. Separately, clean all the vegetables, beginning with the peeled borage, use a curved paring knife, so that you remove all the thorns from the stem and flower, then clean the turnips and wild fennel, desalinate the anchovies and peel, once everything is ready, set part of the turnips aside and cook the vegetables with onion and a little water, salt, and simmer until cooked. Once ready, add half the anchovies and half the stracciatella. Blend and set aside.

Cut a cross on each of the tomatoes with stalks and blanch for a few minutes. When ready, cool in water and ice. The tomatoes that are to be used for the decoration (the ones with the stalks), peel, cut obliquely and place them in the oven to colour the petals and shape them into a rose. Next, wash the other half of the turnip tops and boil in water and salt.

Grate the mandarin peel and slice the bread thinly. Toast and then use for decoration. Once all the ingredients are ready, blend the borage, turnip tops, fennel, anchovies and stracciatella. Cook the Raviolacci in plenty of salted water. Place a spike of broad bean purée on the plate and lay the Raviolacci, drained and sautéed in a pan with a drizzle of EVO oil, on top. Decorate as desired with the remaining ingredients.


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