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Bauletti® with swordfish and lime, with saffron stock, pioppini mushrooms and Beetroot powder, with lime zest and fava beans



Ingredients for 4 people

460 g Bauletti® with swordfish and lime

20 g Alpine butter

For saffron stock:

1 fresh spring onion

1 stick celery

1 carrot

20 of extra virgin olive oil

500 g water

salt and white pepper to taste

1 bag of saffron powder

10 g starch to thicken stock

For pioppini mushrooms:

80 g of pioppini mushrooms

1 clove of garlic

1 sprig of thyme

20 g extra virgin olive oil

salt and white pepper to taste

For lime zest:

2 limes

50g sugar

50 g water

For the fava beans:

30 g fava beans


5 g extra virgin olive oil

For beetroot chips:

1 beetroot


Heat oil in a casserole pan, add washed vegetables cut into mirepoix. Sauté for a few minutes, add ice water, bring to boil, lower heat, add saffron, leave to flavour then thicken stock with corn starch, strain sauce and keep warm.

Heat oil in a pan and add crushed poached garlic, mushrooms, salt and white pepper and cook for 2 minutes. Finally add thyme.

Wash and peel lime with potato peeler, cut into julienne strips and boil 3 times in clean water. The fourth time boil water with sugar and add zest. Reduce until caramelized.

In a casserole pan, boil salted water and blanch fava beans. Drain and cool in water and ice and finally shell them. Season with little extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Peel and slice beet in slicer or mandoline, place chips in plate with baking paper, dry at 70 °C. Cook Bauletti® in plenty of salted water following indicated timings. Drain and stir with alpine butter and a little cooking water. Arrange creamed Bauletti® as desired on hot dish, add beetroot powder, zest, pioppini mushrooms, and dress as desired with saffron stock, and finish with beetroot chips.


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