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Bauletti® with swordfish and lime, quarantine zucchini with basil and marinated squid



Ingredients for 4 people

8 Bauletti® with swordfish and lime
1 Spring onion
q.b. Extra virgin olive oil
q.b. Salt, pepper and sugar
q.b. Garlic in shirt

For the marinated squid:
2 Squid (medium size 200 g each)
q.b. Grated lemon peel
q.b. Olive oil
q.b. Chopped wild fennel
q.b. Salt, pepper and sugar

For the zucchini cream:
200 g small zucchini
1 Spring onion
q.b. Salt, pepper and sugar
q.b. Olive oil

Courgette chips
Wild fennel
4 Zucchini flowers in tempura
Roasted tomatoes


For the marinated squid:

Clean the squids, cover them and roll them into the film, then put in blast chiller. After that, let’s cut them with the thin slicer, let them soak in hot water at about 60 c°  and drain, season with salt, oil, pepper, sugar and grated lemon peel. Let’s save up.

For the zucchini cream:

Clean and cut the zucchini, break down for a few in the blast chiller, brown the spring onion with oil, add the zucchini cold, cook quickly with a little vegetable broth, add salt and pepper and blend with a drop of olive oil.


Brown the onions and garlic, cook the Bauletti® with swordfish and lime, drain and sauté. Add salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil raw. We serve with the cream of green zucchini and decorate as per photo.

Chef Massimo Mantarro for Master Show event of 27 March 2017. Certosa dei Cavalieri, Acireale (CT).


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