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Tortelli ai crostacei, ginger carrot velouté, vanilla pea coulis and crispy ventricina



Ingredients for 4 people

480 g Tortelli ai crostacei


100 g carrots with tuft

20 g finely chopped shallot preserved in oil

30 g fresh ginger root

½ litre vegetable stock

20 g extra virgin olive oil


100 g fresh peas

20 g extra virgin olive oil

1 lemon zest

½ vanilla pod


600 g prawn shells

100 g celery

100 g carrots

50 g white onions

50 g tomato concentrate

50 g shallot

25 cl cognac

25 cl white wine

100 g fresh mushrooms

fresh herbs to taste


50 g ventricina pork sausage


Peel and finely cut carrots and grate ginger. In a large saucepan, heat oil, add carrots, ginger, shallots in oil and broth. Cook over low heat until carrots are cooked, then add salt and pepper.

Transfer everything into the blender’s jar and blend until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream, sieve through a fine-mesh strainer. Let cool. Cook peas in boiling water, cool in water and ice bath. Blend peas and the other ingredients until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream, sieve through a fine-mesh strainer. Let cool.

Coarsely chop celery, carrots, onion, shallot and mushrooms, brown in a saucepan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and add prawn carapaces. After a couple of minutes, blend with wine and cognac, let alcohol evaporate, cover with water, add tomato concentrate and let it boil for at least an hour. Filter mixture with the help of a Chinese strainer, crushing carapaces well to extract all the flavour. Finely cut ventricina and dry it in the oven at 120°C for 20 minutes.

Crumble and store in an airtight container. Cook Tortelli ai crostacei in plenty of boiling water for about 4-5 minutes, drain and coat them with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. On a flat plate, arrange carrot and ginger velouté, then Tortelli ai crostacei and add all remaining ingredients.

Andrea Di Felice advanced training chef – fic.


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