Gramigna paglia e fieno (yellow and green)

Code D09

Soft gramigna paglia e fieno ball with field peas, pulled horse meat, giuncata cheese with lovage seeds and savoury zabaglione



Ingredients for 4 people

280 g Gramigna paglia e fieno

100 g fresh ricotta

150 g egg

250 g sieved cooked tomato basil leaves to taste

20 g grated pecorino romano cheese

salt, pepper to taste

150 g field peas

1 bunch of aromatic herbs

4 pasteurised egg yolks

100 ml Prosecco

a few strands of saffron

4 blanched borage leaves

70 g giuncata cheese

12 g pulled horse meat

dehydrated cuttlefish-ink bulgur 


Sieve ricotta and add it to tomato sauce, then add eggs, basil, pecorino cheese, salt and pepper. Cook Gramigna paglia e fieno in plenty of boiling salted water. Drain pasta “al dente” and cool it under running water.

Blend with previously prepared mixture and fill in the ball molds. Bake for about 25 minutes at 180°C and keep warm. Soak field peas for 12 hours, drain and cover with cold water.

Add the aromatic herb bunch and cook until legumes are soft. Drain and remove aromatic herbs. Beat egg yolks with prosecco in a bainmarie, add saffron, season and keep warm. Remove warm Gramigna ball from the mold and place over borage leaves previously flavoured with salt and oil and complete with pulled horse meat, field peas, giuncata cheese and bulgur. Finish with hot zabaglione. 


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