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Raviolacci ai carciofi on soft wholegrain polenta, artichoke crudité, sausage, grana grosino mousse and polenta crisps



Ingredients for 4 people

16 Raviolacci ai carciofi

60 g wholegrain flour

butter to taste

75 g whole milk

50 g Grana Grosino

10 g liquid cream

1 artichoke

1 lemon

80 g Sausage

4 sprigs of thyme


Bring to a boil and salt water; using a whisk, pour wholegrain flour and mix vigorously and constantly.

Lower heat to keep the water to a boil and cook for 45 minutes. Remove polenta from heat when cooked, add a knob of butter and season with salt and pepper. Pour milk with Grana into a saucepan and heat mixture without boiling. Filter everything and, once cooled, add cream and pour into the siphon. Load siphon with one or two cartridges, shake and store in the refrigerator until used. Prepare cold water and lemon juice in a bowl, remove outer leaves from artichoke, cut in half and remove the “beard” inside the artichoke heart.

Julienne the artichoke and soak in water and lemon to prevent blackening. Drain and coat with extra virgin olive oil and salt at the time of service. Remove sausage casing, make some dice with your fingers and cook in a non-stick pan with some thyme leaves to scent. Lay half of previously prepared polenta on a sheet of parchment paper, let dry and then fry.

Bring to a boil and salt water, dip Raviolacci ai carciofi and cook for about 4-5 minutes, drain and sauté in the pan with some noisette butter and pepper. Put a little wholegrain soft polenta on a plate, arrange four overlapping ravioli and, lined up on one side of the plate, place sausage dice, artichoke crudité on Raviolacci and randomly siphon Grana Grosino mousse to complete dish. Use thyme leaves and polenta chips to garnish and, if you like, a few cherry tomatoes.

Chef Tommaso Bonseri junior italian national chef team.


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