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Bauletti® with porcini mushrooms and “Taleggio DOP” cheese with beetroot cream, candied pumpkin, a slice of speck



Ingredients for 4 people

For the beetroot cream
2 beetroots
Fine salt to taste
Dietary fibre to taste

For the candied pumpkin
100 g pumpkin pulp
Plenty of caster sugar
Icing sugar to taste

For the slice of speck
4 slices of quality speck

For the Bauletti®
20 Bauletti® with porcini mushrooms and “Taleggio DOP” Divine Creazioni®
20 g fresh butter

For the garnish
Fresh thyme


Cook the beetroots in boiling water, peel them, whisk with salt and strain through a sieve. If necessary, thicken with dietary fibre.
Immerse the pumpkin pulp cut into small cubes in boiling water with plenty of sugar. Cook slightly, leaving well al dente. Drain, dry slightly and sprinkle with icing sugar. Dry in the oven.
Lay out the speck slices and place in the oven to crisp up. When cooked, drain the Bauletti® and cream with butter.
Serve the Bauletti® on the beetroot cream, sprinkle with candied pumpkin, finish with the crispy speck and thyme tops.

Pleasing to the taste is the light smokiness of the speck, which goes very well with the flavour of the “Taleggio DOP”. The sweetness of the pumpkin is balanced with the scent of the undergrowth, typical of the porcini mushroom, and the earthy appeal of the beetroot.


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