Spelt raviolacci with cheese and walnuts

Code C38

Autumn flavour



Ingredients for 4 people

16 Raviolacci al farro con formaggio e noci

120 g winter radicchio

10 ml red wine vinegar

50 g red onion

10 ml lemon juice

Crystal mais thickener to taste

300 g meadow mushrooms

250 ml Cream

7 g powdered porcini mushrooms

2 cloves garlic

2.6 g agar-agar

100 g pioppini mushrooms

200 ml concentrate vegetable stock

1 clove of black garlic

rosemary to taste

50 g butter

20 g roasted walnuts

50 g spelt

½ l seed oil

watercress and chard leaves to taste



Clean radicchio under plenty of water, remove white veins and keep only red leaves, put in a vacuum bag with 5 ml vinegar and 4 g salt. Put extra virgin olive oil and finely chopped onion in a low aluminium pan, cook adding vinegar, lemon juice and, if necessary, vegetable stock. When the onion is cooked, add vacuum-prepared radicchio and continue cooking. As soon as radicchio is soft, blend all ingredients with the help of an immersion mixer. Filter mixture and adjust density with Crystal mais thickener. 


Clean mushrooms and cut them into thin slices, crush 2 cloves of garlic in a tall saucepan with a handle, add extra virgin olive oil and sliced champignon mushrooms. Cook adding vegetable stock and porcini powder. Once cooked, add salt and blend with cream and agar-agar to thicken. Filter and put back on heat, continuing to whisk until boiling. Pour into domed molds and store in freezer for about 15 minutes. Remove from the mold and place on the serving dish, sprinkle with more porcini powder.

Clean pioppini mushrooms and turn the stem so as to firmly arrange them on the dish.

 Put butter, rosemary and black garlic in a non-stick pan and toast lightly. Sauté pioppini mushrooms with salt and pepper until golden, adding a tablespoon of stock, if necessary.

Put previously toasted walnuts and melted butter in a vacuum bag and leave in a thermostatic bath for 45 minutes at 70°C.

Soak spelt for about 20 minutes, cook and drain in a perforated plate continuing to mix with a wooden spoon. Place spelt in a desiccator until completely dehydrated. Heat seed oil at 200°C in an iron pot, add dehydrated spelt for 30 seconds, drain on blotting paper and salt.

Cook Raviolacci al farro con formaggio e noci in abundant salted water for 4-5 minutes and sauté in a pan with walnut butter. Arrange Raviolacci on a plate and add other preparations at will.

Chef Andrea Tiziani junior italian national chef team.

Divine creazioni prodotto cucinato
Divine creazioni prodotto cucinato
Divine creazioni prodotto cucinato
Divine creazioni prodotto cucinato


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