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Maccheroni al torchio with mackerel, anchovies and sautéed pears on delicate saffron Polignano potato cream



Ingredients for 4 people

240 g Maccheroni al torchio

3 Pachino tomatoes

1 pear

220 g Polignano yellow potatoes

1 mackerel

1 courgette

100 g grated cheese

salted anchovies to taste

100 ml seed oil

“00” Flour to taste

30 g dried and blended tomatoes

½ packet of saffron

40 g milk

100 g breadcrumbs

50 g semolina

extra virgin olive oil, chopped garlic, salt, cloves and bay leaves to taste


Clean fish by removing entrails and scales.Fillet and halve each fillet, so as to obtain 4 pieces (before filleting, remove excess bones with the help of a fish gripper).Then wash courgettes and thinly slice them.Arrange mackerel on a lightly oiled baking pan, sprinkle with grated cheese and cover it with courgette slices, recreating the effect of scales.

Finally, add a little oil and bake for 10 minutes at 180°C. Peel potatoes and cut them coarsely to speed up cooking. Place them in a small pot with cloves and a bay leaf and cover with water. Cook for 15-20 minutes. When cooked, remove cloves and bay leaf, add milk, saffron and a pinch of salt and mix everything.

Peel and dice pears. In a pan, place extra virgin olive oil and garlic and immediately add pears and concassé cherry tomatoes.Desalt anchovies, chop them and add breadcrumbs and grated cheese (50 g). Cook Maccheroni al torchio in salted boiling water.Drain pasta inside the pan with pears and cherry tomatoes and sauté with a sprinkle of previously prepared anchovy breadcrumbs.Mix seed oil and water (140 ml) and add flour and tomato powder.Place mixture inside a previously heated non-stick pan, and cook without stirring. In this way, you will obtain corals to be used as decoration.

Assemble soup plate, placing potato cream at the bottom, then sautéed Maccheroni al torchio and finally, mackerel.Finish dish by placing the coral on the side.

Chef Domenico Lampedecchia senior italian national chef team from 2014 to 2017.

Chef Mariano Donghia senior italian national chef team from 2016 to 2017.


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