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Balanzoni with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese in a sauce with onion and honey vinegar foam



Ingredients for 4 people

20 Balanzoni with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese Divine Creazioni Surgital

For the Kefir milk and Breme onion sauce
g. 200 whole milk
g. 100 Kefir milk
g. 50 Breme onion
g. 20 extra virgin olive oil

For the bonito tartare
g. 200 bonito
g. 20 seaweed salt
g. 15 extra virgin olive oil

For the Parco del Ticino honey vinegar foam
g. 50 Parco del Ticino honey vinegar
g. 25 soy lecithin
butter to taste


For the Kefir milk and Breme onion sauce
Cut the Breme onion into very thin julienne strips, leave it to soak in whole milk and Kefir milk for about 6 hours. In a special steel saucepan, brown the extra virgin olive oil and add the milk and the Breme onion; leave to cook over a very low heat for about 40 minutes, stirring often with a spoon. Blend the mixture obtained in the thermomix in order to obtain a fluid, lump-free sauce.

For the bonito tartare
Clean the bonito and prepare the tartare, which will be seasoned a few seconds before serving with seaweed salt and extra virgin olive oil.

For the Parco del Ticino honey vinegar foam
Emulsify the soy lecithin with the honey vinegar in a special jug using an immersion blender to obtain a voluminous foam. Cook the Balanzoni in abundant salted water, drain them, sauté them in a pan with 30 grams of butter emulsified with the cooking water.
Serve by placing the Kefir milk sauce and Breme onion on the plate, followed by the Balanzoni, arranging 5 per plate. Complete the preparation with the honey vinegar foam and the bonito tartare.

Chef Antonio Danise.
Recipe from volume III “Young Talents” for Divine Creazioni
Edited by Elsa Mazzolini – La Madia Editore


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