Troccoli: the true apulians of Laboratorio Tortellini®

Durum wheat semolina, wheat flour type “00”, water, salt is the dough of the Troccoli, spaghetti with triangular section typical of the Foggiano area.

To make them you use a rolling pin, once made of metal, today mostly of wood that has the characteristic circular blades with which you “twist” the dough.
It is called troccolaturo, a name that derives from the Latin torculum, that is, torcere. It is a very ancient instrument and Bartolomeo Scappi already spoke about it in his Opera dell’arte del cucinare of 1570.

Rustic and thick Troccoli require a strict al dente cooking and go well with rich seasonings and sauces.

In Foggia, capital of the Troccoli, they are mainly eaten with Sunday ragout, a ragout prepared with pork, horse chops, stuffed bacon and sausages, but it is not uncommon to find them also accompanied by mushrooms cardoncelli typical of the place or seafood.

Discover the Troccoli of Laboratorio Tortellini®

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