Sapori in corso, episode #5: even in deep fryer, there is place for pasta

Davide Lippi Bruni, chef of the creative laboratory De Gusto® of Surgital, will explain how to cook pasta with the technique of frying.

And who said that fresh pasta should only be cooked in water to be enjoyed?

Pasta by its nature is versatile and through the technique of frying can represent an excellent proposal in terms of appetizers, unique dishes and desserts. In the fifth episode of Sapori in Corso we find out together with our chef of De Gusto Davide. how to surprise our customers with this cooking technique.

What we talk about in this episode:
Tomato and basil sauceSugosi®
Cep mushroom sauceSugosi®
Potato gran gnocchiLaboratorio Tortellini®

Watch the full video and discover all the recipes. 

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