Laboratorio Tortellini® Street Food

Tradition has never been so fashionable.

When gourmet specialities came out of restaurants and went down onto the street to welcome people, a new way of experiencing food and reinventing a place's roots was created. Street food was born. And we at Surgital, who put our blend of innovation and tradition at the very heart of our production, are responding to this new trend with Laboratorio Tortellini® Streetfood.
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Ladies and gentlemen: “bartolacci” and “rondellacci”.

With Laboratorio Tortellini® Streetfood, two kinds of traditional Romagna cuisine made only with soft wheat flour and water - Bartlaz and Rondlaz - have come down onto the street and turned into Bartolacci and Rondellacci. The first, with a filling of squacquerone cheese and piadina, the second filled with vegetables. To fry or grill.

Tradition as suggestion.

Laboratorio Tortellini® Streetfood is the ideal product for fast catering but can be the main ingredient in innovative recipes for traditional catering. Bartolacci and Rondellacci have become interpreters of surprising combinations each and every time, depending on the mode of consumption, the speed of service and the equipment available. Perfect as appetizers, entrée or single dishes.

The taste of semplicity.

Bartolacci with squacquerone cheese and piadina, Rondellacci with potatoes and chard, or with pumpkin and guanciale, are all ready to create sensational recipes or just release their tastiness as they are, simply by cooking them grilled or fried.
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Welcome to the pasta academy.

De Gusto® is much more than a school or a kitchen: it is the place where we welcome the new here at Surgital, where things happen. It is an open door workshop where we invite customers, suppliers and collaborators to see how we work, actively engaging them in an exchange of experience and expertise. The Surgital experience has its roots in the heritage of traditional Italian food but is always ready to renew and evolve through the careful analysis of new culinary trends and a novel system designed specifically to repeat as faithfully as possible the movements of the chefs and the human hand to improve production performance without ever renouncing product excellence.
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