Surgital® stories: a company that is like a family


One of the most frequently heard phrases in the corridors of Surgital® is ‘we are a family’, and as in a family, at Via Bastia 16/1 in Lavezzola, in the heart of Romagna, there is an even more enveloping atmosphere at Christmas time.

According to tradition, Christmas Day is spent with the family, so people gather around the table as usual, preparing days and days in advance. Decorations are prepared and presents are placed under the tree at least 20 days in advance. So, in our company too, we decided to celebrate Christmas all together from the very first year, with decorations, parties, moments of sharing, and gifts dedicated to each person working at Surgital®.

“Every year, among the gifts we prepare for our employees, the Tortellini alla moda di Bologna by Divine Creazioni® are a must, because they are part of our tradition. And, with a Tortellino under the tree, we all feel a little bit closer,” says Mrs Romana, President of Surgital® S.p.A..

We can say that Christmas ‘is as old as we are’, and so also the traditional lighting of the Christmas illuminations takes place every 8 December at 5pm.

Le decorazioni di Natale di Surgital®
Decorazioni di Natale di Surgital

“We never do anything individually; we do everything together. Everything is done together; we do test after test to find the right balance. In brief, everyone at Surgital® is involved in a big project and dream: to bring fresh pasta into all the kitchens of the world, even for Christmas” (Romana Tamburini)

Is this perhaps the reason why Surgital® defines itself as #madeofpasta #madeofpeople #madeofitaly ?

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