Surgital and Bocuse d’Or Italy Academy: An Alliance for Italian Culinary Excellence

The Partnership Bringing Italian Taste to the European Stage.

Surgital S.p.A., Emilian company rooted in culinary tradition and open to innovation, joins forces with the prestigious Bocuse d’Or Italy Academy team in a unique synergy aimed at celebrating the excellence of Italian gastronomy.

The collaboration between Surgital and Bocuse d’Or Italy Academy marks a significant step in promoting emerging talents in the Italian culinary landscape. As a Main Partner, Surgital will stand alongside qualified Italian chefs for the European finals in Trondheim, with the goal of securing a spot at the 2025 Sirha World Finals in Lyon.

The Italian team, comprised of Marcelino Gomez, Benjamin Sørensen, and Alessandro Bergamo, under the guidance of renowned chef Enrico Crippa and coordinator Lorenzo Alessio, embodies the excellence and creativity of contemporary Italian cuisine.

“Here’s another demonstration of our commitment to supporting talents in the restaurant industry” emphasizes Elena Bacchini, marketing director of Surgital. ” This partnership adds to our portfolio of prestigious collaborations, confirming our pride in promoting skills and creativity in the culinary world.”

The Bocuse d’Or European finals represent a unique opportunity to showcase the best of high-quality Italian cuisine. Thanks to Surgital’s sponsorship, the Italian team will be able to compete on equal footing with the finest chefs on the continent, bringing Italian taste to the international stage.

Surgital and Bocuse d’Or Italy Academy together to promote and celebrate Italian culinary art, uniting tradition and innovation in a singular vision of excellence.

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