Divine Creazioni® Balanzoni with Parmigiano Cheese, simple but extraordinary flavour and versatility

Their strong point is the filling, which can be paired with different condiments, from the simplest to the most elaborate. A valid alternative to add to the choice of cheese-filled pasta dishes.

In order to respond to the growing demand for cheese-filled pasta, Surgital relaunches its Balanzoni with Parmigiano Cheese from the premium Divine Creazioni® brand. A versatile product because it can be savoured with different condiments – in broth, with sauces or fondues – which therefore also represents a valid alternative to the more well-known tortellini. Like the latter, balanzoni are part of the Emilia Romagna tradition, Bologna in particular, but their shape, even if with some small differences depending on who prepares them, is now appreciated everywhere and is a symbol of Italian cuisine in the world.

More generous than tortellini, between 3 and 4 cm, balanzoni accommodate more filling. Divine Creazioni®’s ones contain a filling that is made for almost half of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP aged for 30 months, refined with ricotta, breadcrumbs, nutmeg and eggs. Thanks to these ingredients, the chef to serve the Balanzoni with Parmigiano Reggiano with a simple pour of melted butter, or to complete them with more creative sauces giving their own personal touch. Cooking them is very easy: just take them out from the freezer and boil them in water or broth for 5/6 minutes. With this Divina Creation, Surgital wants to honour the uniqueness that characterises the king of cheeses, which we take for granted in Italy, but which boasts the greatest number of imitation attempts in the world. In fact, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP stands out for its high nutritional profile, its well-rounded flavour and unmistakable aroma, so much so that it becomes the protagonist of this reference.

Balanzoni with Parmesan Cheese are part of the 31 Divine Creazioni® present in our catalogue today. Known as “Pasta without equals”, they are small masterpieces of Fine Dining, each one different from the other, to confer craftsmanship, and then placed on special trays in which each piece is individually packaged. In the stuffed products, the filling represents over 60% of the total and is made with top quality raw materials. The durum wheat semolina pasta ground in selected Italian mills is made with 8 free-range eggs per kilo, a higher number than the classic recipe. Divine Creazioni® wants to satisfy, amaze and innovate, and stand out for the constant search for flavours, shapes, textures and aromas which, being enhanced in refined and often unexpected combinations, create a sense of exclusivity and refinement.

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