Trends in the first quarter, Ho.Re.Ca. market

The first quarter of 2023 is ending, and at Surgital we have decided to share with you a few trends that we have observed on the international catering market.

2023 is the first year we are officially out of the pandemic. While some things seem to have returned to normality, others are continuing to put the market in difficulty. Thanks to our extensive international presence, we are able to gather information and solutions, to share with you, in order to support your business in this period of transition.

Fast-Good & Fine-Dining

With the rise in inflation, the Ho.Re.Ca. market has seen a divergence in consumption. One side is pushing towards increasingly inexpensive options, while the other is searching for a product and an experience at an increasingly high level. The search for a healthier, more balanced alternative, while still maintaining flavour, is still central in the catering sector. Even among those who prefer fast catering with a lower cost, many do not want to give up a good-quality product. So we are talking about Fast-Good, instead of Fast-Food. A new trend that will continue to develop, especially in business districts, for quick lunch breaks and last-minute dinners.

The era of the Great Resignation

In recent years, the world of hospitality and catering has been a victim of this phenomenon, which started in the United States and arrived in Europe shortly after. With extreme difficulty finding staff and record staff turnover, some businesses have begun to pay more attention to the management of human resources, adapting job offers to include better working hours and a more stimulating career development plan. Meanwhile, in the kitchen they are trying to standardise more and more processes in order to allow even less-experienced staff to be able to bring a high-quality dish to the table. They are therefore looking for products with a high service content, such as our line Pastasì® Express Solutions, and our line of ready-made sauces in nuggets, Sugosi®. Deep-frozen with IQF technology, Pastasì Express Solutions are easy to portion, with no waste, and ready in just a few minutes in the pan with sauce, or in boiling water. An express solution that will become the ultimate ally for a kitchen looking to standardise without sacrificing quality.

The ancestral call

The third big trend we have observed in the sector in the first months of 2023 is a return to our origins, and a more ancestral way of cooking, which pays careful attention to raw materials, which are seasonal, simple and local. A cuisine where nothing is thrown away, following the virtuous principles of sustainability and the zero-waste movement. Slowing down, even in the kitchen, to reconnect with the rhythms of nature through our food. The use of flames, grills and smoke has made a comeback, to create dishes that are both ancient and modern at the same time.

The charm of Bella Italia.

With Italian cuisine nominated to become a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, a growth forecast for the global Fresh Pasta market that should exceed 2162 million dollars by the end of 2030, and a CAGR of 4.1% during the forecasted period 2023-2030, the charm of Bella Italia seems to be unstoppable.

Despite the rise in food intolerances and allergies, fresh pasta has seen an unprecedented growth in demand in recent years. Deep-frozen fresh pasta contains no preservatives or additives, and has a lower glycaemic index compared to dried alternatives, so it is considered to be more healthy overall. Special attention should also be given to the ingredients, which must be high-quality and seasonal, for minimum impact on the environment. Discover more about Surgital’s commitment to protect and promote its supply chain.

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