Surgital is still investing in sustainability, this time in revamping the cogeneration plant

A reduction of 2,900 tonnes of CO2 per year predicted with integrated photovoltaic energy. Today, the company is already able to self-produce 90% of its own energy needs.

Lavezzola (RA), September 2023 – Surgital continues on the path to sustainability with a significant investment in revamping its cogeneration plant. The operation has allowed the company to reduce times and costs of plant downtime to produce electrical, thermal and cooling energy, thanks to a power of 4.3 MW, with a reduction of around 2,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, which increases to 2,900 thanks to the new integrated photovoltaic system.

The cogeneration plant has been designed for specific requirements, and includes a platform to command and control all of the energy production systems based on “AI” and “machine learning” models. When fully operational, this platform will provide a further reduction in energy consumption, and therefore of CO2 emissions. Thanks to the monitoring of site energy flows, an overall view of consumption is guaranteed in real time, also remotely. A single interface that, through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, allows the company to manage several energy production systems, ensuring optimised capacity in all conditions.

“Thanks to this investment, we have achieved significant energy and economic savings, a reduction in CO2 emissions, and therefore a reduction in our impact on the environment,” explains Edoardo Bacchini, CEO of Surgital. “In a high-energy-use company with 34 production lines, attention to consumption and sustainability is an essential aspect. We installed our first cogeneration plant as far back as 2010, followed by our first photovoltaic system and the purifier for reusing water to cool the evaporation towers for the refrigeration units. But we can, and must always improve: today we self-produce 90% of our energy needs, and this revamp is a further step forward in our commitment to energy sustainability”.

Coordinating this project is a historical Italian company, CGT, to which Surgital has entrusted several projects over the years, and which it now considers a primary partner. A member of the TESYA Group, CGT provides solutions in the Construction and Infrastructure sectors, in primary and back-up Energy Generation, and in Oil & Gas and Naval applications. The active collaboration between the two businesses has led to this significant new result. A success that is the fruit of Surgital’s ability to combine its own core business with an entrepreneurial vision dedicated to innovation, which also includes attention to energy saving and environmental impact.

“Following an in-depth study on the energy configuration of Surgital’s production site, we developed a completely tailor-made project, designed to satisfy the need to protect part of a cogeneration plant that we ourselves installed in 2010, which has been integrated with a photovoltaic system,”emphasises Paolo Guidali, CGT’s Sales Manager for Power Generation & Industrial OEM .

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