Federica Pelliconi, HR Manager of Surgital, third place in “HR Mission 2023” award by the Fondazione AIDP.

An award for the constant commitment made through the company in the training of young students of Italian high schools and universities. Over 2,000 hours of internship provided by Surgital, with hiring already formalised.

Federica Pelliconi, HR Manager of Surgital, was ranked 3rd in the HR Mission 2023 award in the Companies, Schools, Universities and Orientation category, delivered at the award ceremony held on 4 December at Palazzo Mezzanotte of the Milan Stock Exchange. The prestigious recognition is conferred by the AIDP Foundation, which aims at enhancing the culture, training and care of human resources management and, in general, the improvement of conditions and the working environment. The winners were selected by a jury composed of institutions, entrepreneurs and experts, including Maurizio Sacconi, former Minister of Labour, Francesca Pasinelli, general director of the Telethon Foundation, Luca Solari, professor of Business Organisation at the University of Milan, Maria Cristina Origlia, journalist and president of the Meritocracy Forum, and IsabellaCovilli Faggiori, president of the AIDP Work and Sustainability Foundation.

The jurors rewarded the dedication, creativity and innovation put in place by HR professionals for the development of companies, work and the country. “We are very proud to have won this award, especially considering that they were giants of the national industryexplains Federica Pelliconi, HR Manager of Surgital -. The claim of the initiative fully reflects what constitutes a value in our company: working with and for people. We express it with three concepts #madeofpeople, #madeofpasta and #madeofitaly, in which people have a central role as custodians and ambassadors of tradition, Italian style and innovation”.

With regard to the relationship with the educational and training institutions that are the subject of the award, Surgital has been committed for many years to building fruitful relationships with Italian schools and universities through a dedicated action plan. In 2023, the activities of PCTO (Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation) and curricular internshipswere consolidated, developing collaborations with hotel schools and university universities, in which more than 2,000 hours of internships were provided in the company. In a nutshell, a special mention goes to the collaborations with several degree courses at the University of Bologna, with MiMeC – Master in Marketing and Communication at the Bocconi University of Milan, a more than positive experience concluded with the hiring of the same trainee, and with  MMTE – Master in Marketing and Transformation Economy at the University of Italian Switzerland (USI) for a case study on the Piacere Mio! brand.


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