Ca’Pelletti presents “Le Spadellate” to enjoy the authentic pleasure of sharing in perfect Romagna style

Cappelletti and Tagliatelle with bolognaise sauce served in large and very large pans, ideal for couples and groups, with plenty of pasta and sauce.

Ca’Pelletti offers a new convivial experience: inside the Romagna inns opened by Surgital Spa in various Italian cities, you can taste Le Spadellate, pasta served in pans designed to encourage a “social table”, modern tablefuls in which to experience the atmosphere of authentic conviviality that is not only felt within the farmhouses/trattorias scattered across Romagna, but is typical of the all-Italian ritual of sitting at the table.

We want it to spread like a mantra that at Ca’Pelletti you can treat yourself to a nice pan of pasta – explains Angelo Lamacchia, Cà Pelletti brand manager -.  The objective is to position Ca’Pelletti within the food retail panorama as the place where conviviality reigns supreme and where thanks to our always open kitchen it is possible to share food in company, in an informal and welcoming atmosphere”.

For Le Spadellate, the two best-selling products have been identified on the menu, which distinguish the flavours of the authentic cuisine for which Ca’Pelletti is the spokesperson: Cappelletti and Tagliatelle with Bolognese ragù, that celebrate the most delicious pasta recipe, combined with abundance, another central element in convivial situations. With this aim, the pasta and sauce contained in these special pans are particularly rich. 

Aluminum pans bearing the Ca’Pelletti logo will arrive at the table, used for the first time within the fast casual and casual dining commercial catering offer. You can choose between two formats: the large Spadellata, with a large portion of cappelletti and/or tagliatelle with Bolognaise sauce, ideal for two people, and the very large Spadellata, perfect for meals with friends.

This offering is initially presented as a special project launched to coincide with the Christmas holidays. Subsequently, Le Spadellate will fully enter the Ca’Pelletti menu with a dedicated section.

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