Sauce, just the same as you would make it.

Sugosi® is the line of ready sauces in pellets with the finest selected ingredients to be used as a base for the production of more elaborate sauces or as sauces themselves for the restaurateur who wants to offer quality and excellence while reducing costs and waste, and saving time. Making first course dishes, main course dishes, appetizers and finger food has never been easier and faster.
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So many benefits with a sauce pellet!

With our Sugosi® portionable deep-frozen sauce pellets, every restaurateur can reduce food cost and avoid unnecessary product wastage. And what's more, thanks to its 18 months shelf-life, it is no longer necessary to consume the product in a short space of time after opening the pack. In addition, with practical one-kilo packs, you can manage multiple products at the same time without reducing the space in the freezer. The entire cooking process involves no additional costs of preparation - they are already good to go as they are.

Sauces ready made... to enrich every recipe.

Every restaurateur can use the Sugosi® not only as ready-made sauces, ready in just 5 minutes in the pan to enjoy 12 of the finest recipes of Italian cuisine, but also as basic sauces to spark the imagination and make more complex sauces. Also perfect without pasta, for preparing bruschetta, canapés and fingerfood, for creative and inviting appetizers or happy hour.

A sauce, as if made by hand.

Ready in a pan, in a double boiler or microwave, the Sugosi® are made through a diversified cooking process for each type of sauce in order to preserve texture, flavour, colour and crunchiness of the raw materials. A level of quality that is perfectly preserved by careful deep-freezing that does not involve the use of any preservative, in the interests of flavour and aroma.
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Welcome to the pasta academy.

De Gusto® is much more than a school or a kitchen: it is the place where we welcome the new here at Surgital, where things happen. It is an open door workshop where we invite customers, suppliers and collaborators to see how we work, actively engaging them in an exchange of experience and expertise. The Surgital experience has its roots in the heritage of traditional Italian food but is always ready to renew and evolve through the careful analysis of new culinary trends and a novel system designed specifically to repeat as faithfully as possible the movements of the chefs and the human hand to improve production performance without ever renouncing product excellence
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